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Recept om een bestaande installatie naar te migreren:

Recipee ( ):

1. Plan a time to do this after the weekly update of, and update your On Premise Enterprise server to the lastest daily build of Odoo.  This is important. is updated at the start of each week and the code on your Enterprise Server needs to be similarly updated.  You need to make sure the same custom code repositories are available on your database as are available on your enterprise server.  This means uploading the modules from your Enterprise machine to the GITHUB repository. Go ahead and create an Project as normal, and ideally you test this process with a staging branch.

2. Take a backup from your Enterprise database

3. Activate the branch (STAGING or PRODUCTION) that you want to restore your Enterprise database to.  Make sure this branch also has the full source code of all Custom and/or Community modules installed in that database. From the BACKUPS tab, you can import the database backup you made in step 2.

4. Find the BASE module and upgrade it

5. Adapt DNS settings:

In the settings page of your project on, under the section "Custom domains", you will be able to add custom domains for your production database.

Create an account on This is required to enable https.
Follow the instructions that are given there, like entering different dns-servers in the dns-settings at the host where the domain is hosted

Create a CNAME record pointing to <yourdatabase> in

CloudFlare says this should be copied from the dns-settings at your hosting partner, but this can take a long time.

If you want to use the naked domain (e.g., you need to redirect to

We do not allow to configure naked domains in the platform because these domains must be configured with A records which only accept IP addresses as possible values. The IP address of each database can change, following an upgrade or a hardware failure, and this would mean the configuration of the A record for the naked domain could suddenly no longer work, without notification.

Then there is one more step to do:

CloudFlare applies url flattening, so if points to and points to the result is that points to

This is a problem because the db on does not accept

The solution is to add a forward rule in CloudFlare that replace by

6. Switch off on old installation and check on new installation:


-google agenda and google drive settings